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Magical scenery with mountains and rivers

Exquisite natural sceneries of Shangluo include beautiful mountain flowers in spring, verdant trees in summer, tinged forests in autumn and enthralling white snow in winter. Instant fine views comprise lofty peaks, precipices, plunging waterfalls and blue ponds, forming a majestic and changeful prospect. Famous poets have eulogized natural landscapes of Shangluo; Li Bai wrote “Brook is surrounded by flowers and moonlight is reflected by stones”; Bai Juyi chanted “Among numerous peaks in Shang Mountains, Xian’e is my favorite” and “Do you see clear spring and white stone in Shang Mountains”; Wen Tingjun hummed “When cock crows before dawn, someone treads on bridge frost”.

· Most Beautiful Shangluo 
· Home of Drama 
· Fragrant Tea 
· Shangluo produces great persons who bring glory in turn 
· Magical scenery with mountains and rivers 
· Splendid culture and history 
· Simple folk customs 
· Harmonious Eco-home 
· Broad Prospect