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Shangluo produces great persons who bring glory in turn

Shangluo produces great persons who bring glory in turn
Jia Pingwa, a well-known Chinese modern writer, born at Dihua Town, Danfeng County, Shaanxi in 1952, graduated in Chinese Language and Literature of the Northwest University in 1975 and published works in 1974. His publications include the Collection of Jia Pingwa’s Award-winning Novellas, Self-selected Stories of Jia Pingwa, full-length novels Shangzhou and White Night, and an autobiographic full-length novel I’m a Farmer. His titles include a CPPCC member, chairman of Shaanxi Writers’ Union, representative of Xi’an People’s Congress, and modern famous writer in China. After his graduation from the Chinese Language and Literature Department of Northwest University, he acted as a literature and art editor in Shaanxi People’s Press, editor of Chang’an Literature (monthly); and now he acts as chairman of Shaanxi Writers’ Union, chairman of Xi’an Literary Federation, honorary chairman of Xi’an Writers’ Society, dean of Humanity College of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, editor-in-chief of Excellent Articles magazine, and resident writer in Ocean University of China. Known as a “bloody genius”, Jia Pingwa is an unusual talent in the contemporary literary circle, a most rebellious type with creativity and influence, and one of the few Chinese literary writers who may go down in history of world literature. His works Lunar December and January won the award for the 3rd National Excellent Novellas of Chinese Writers’ Association, Full Moon won the award for national excellent short novels in 1978, A Deserted City won the prize of Prix Femina of France in 1997, Fickleness won the literature prize of American Mobil Pegasus in 1987; recently awarded the honorary prize for literature and art of the Republic of France by the Culture and Exchange Department of France; Qinqiang (Shaanxi opera) won the 7th Mao Dun Literary Prize. Works such as I’m Not a Good Son, Yueji (moon trace) and Fallen Leaves are written into middle school textbook. On November 15 2010, Jia Pingwa took the 25th place on the 5th Rich List of Chinese Writers, which drew much attention.

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