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Harmonious Eco-home

Shangluo has abundant natural resources and beautiful ecological environment of mountains, water and humanity. Mountain meadow, virgin forest, mixed coniferous and broad-leave forests, mingling arbors and shrubs, intertwined vines, rare trees such as fir, gingko, red birch and taxus chinensis, Chinese medicinal crops including gastrodia elata, salvia miltiorrhiza and schisandra chinensis, well-known flowers such as azalea, fragrant thoroughwort, lily, Chinese redbud and malus spectabilis in blossom can be seen here and there. With suitable ecological environment, Shangluo has become the habitat for rare animals including antelope, giant salamander, black stork, fragrant river deer, barking deer, black bear and golden pheasant. Fond of mountains and rivers, Shangluo people live in harmony with nature, actively develop green and specialties and try to create a beautiful homeland.

Shangluo – Capital of Walnuts in China
Shangluo has so long history of walnut cultivation that it began as early as in Western Han Dynasty. After the founding of new China, the call of the prefectural party committee and administrative office of Shangluo on local farmers to grow one liter of walnuts have raised an upsurge of growing walnuts in this region. In 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong’s instruction that “Shangluo’s practice of each household growing a litre of walnut is worthy of study in other regions” boosted leadership’s confidence in walnut plantation. Especially in recent years, ecological and industrial strategy of municipal party committee and government focusing on walnuts and vegetables has promoted scientific plantation and deep processing of specialties; as a result, a large number of walnut trenches, walnut roads, walnut mountains and walnut forests have emerged like mushroom after rain, predicting a broad prospect of walnut market.

Home of Chinese chestnut
Shangluo is also famous for Chinese chestnut in Zhen’an. This specialty has high quality, large granule, flush fruit, bright color, delicate meat and sufficient nutrition; it tastes sweet and crisp when uncooked, but tastes fragrant when cooked. In 1960, it was rated as a national quality variety by the Ministry of Forestry. The geographical indication of Zhen’an Chinese Chestnut has certified by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, and Zhen’an is honored as the Home of Chinese Chestnut.

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