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Broad Prospect

With the implementation of Western Development and Guangzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone plan and the development of circular economy, a new Shangluo is taking shape, where economic, cultural and social undertakings advance rapidly, railways and expressways run through the whole territory in length and breadth, infrastructure construction paces up, high buildings rise straight from the ground, roads extend widely and smoothly, greenbelt and buildings bring out the best in each other, city height increases and city space expands. In vast rural area, new village springs up one after another with progressing urbanization.

· Most Beautiful Shangluo 
· Home of Drama 
· Fragrant Tea 
· Shangluo produces great persons who bring glory in turn 
· Magical scenery with mountains and rivers 
· Splendid culture and history 
· Simple folk customs 
· Harmonious Eco-home 
· Broad Prospect