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Fragrant Tea

Fragrant Tea
Shangnan Quanming Tea is originally called “Maojian” then named “Quanshuiqing”. On June 14 1987, China Tea Research Institute organized a review of Quanshuiqing tea and concluded that it is rated as a high-grade half-baked half-fried tea that has delicate appearance with fine fuzz, gives off mellow and tender chestnut flavor, assumes bright yellowish green leaf blade, and advised that it be renamed as “Shangnan Quanming”. The tea has won the title of provincial top quality and is equally famous with “Hanshui Yinleng”, “Qinba Wuhao” and “Ziyang Maojian”. Shangnan County produces fresh tea and is a tea base in Shaanxi. Since 1962, tea trees were introduced into this county, including Ziyang tea series, Anhui tea series, Jiangxi tea series and Zhejiang tea series. Over 16 years’ development, there are 3730ha tea plantations and 50 tea estates in the county, with an annual output of 421 ton. Each tea estate has a yield of 17.5kg per mu, higher than provincial average yield (13.75kg). In addition to Shangnan Quanming, the county also produces three medium- and low-grade teas: Shangnan Chuncha or “Chaoqingcha”. In 1981, it was rated as top grade product of Shaanxi for its high yield and good market. With an annual yield of more than 90000 kg, it is deemed as bulk commodity of Shangnan teas.

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