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Splendid culture and history

Shangluo has long historic culture. Archaeological findings include Luonan Huashilang historic sites, legend of Hetu Luoshu, tales of Cang Jie (name)’s creation of characters, Shangyang’s fiefdom, four hermits, Chuangwang’s residence of troops, Hubei-Henan-Shaanxi and Henan-Hubei-Shaanxi revolutionary bases founded by central red army, Shangluo Huagu Opera and famous writer Jia Pingwa; all these represent the prosperous cultural arts of Shangluo, witness glory of the past and predict modern development and better future of Shangluo.

Shangluo – Red Revolution land:
As a militarily important fortress in the history, Shangluo was the ancient battlefield when Qin Chu and Song Jin were at war. In modern times, Shangluo was the central area of Hubei-Henan-Shaanxi revolutionary base under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. During the Revolutionary War, six red army troops had fought battles in Shangluo; proletarian revolutionists of the past generations including Li Xiannian had written a glorious chapter in Chinese revolution. After new China was founded, to commend revolutionary martyrs and awaken young people, cemeteries of revolutionary martyrs are built by municipal or county government in Shangzhou, Danfeng, Shangnan and Zhen’an. In 1982, Shangluo was officially accepted as an old revolutionary base area by the State Council; later on, memorial pavilions, monuments and red army squares were set up in revolutionary sites as key units of cultural relics under protection.

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