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Simple folk customs

Shangluo lies in interim of northern and southern climate. Unique geographic position contributes to folk customs of Qin people’s sturdiness and Chu people’s elegance. With gong and drum, local people play dragon dance, lion dance and Yangko once a year. Traditional Danfeng Xinzi (folk vaudeville) is really breathtaking; joyous customs include fetching bride, birthday celebration, blessing lanterns, rural banquet full of rice and wheat culture, rice dumpling, flower bun, temple fair and marketplace in lunar December.

· Most Beautiful Shangluo 
· Home of Drama 
· Fragrant Tea 
· Shangluo produces great persons who bring glory in turn 
· Magical scenery with mountains and rivers 
· Splendid culture and history 
· Simple folk customs 
· Harmonious Eco-home 
· Broad Prospect