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Most Beautiful Shangluo

Shangluo is the most beautiful place in Qinling Mountains
In majestic Qinling Mountains, Shangluo is the most beautiful.

Located at the southern foot of Qinling Mountains, named after Shang Mountain and Luo River, and stretching over the Yangtze and Yellow River basins, Shangluo is the core area of Qinling Central National Park, with green mountains and rivers, and is a good place for leisure and holidays.

Shangluo is the most beautiful place in Qinling Mountains for its fasinating history and culture.
As early as in the Paleolithic period more than one million years ago, our ancestors began to live here. Local attractions include Hetu Luoshu and Cang Jie (inventor of Chinese characters) initiating Chinese Civilization; Shang Yang’s reform and 15 fiefs; four hermits assisting in Liu’s reign; Chuangwang Li Zicheng’s troops that overthrew Ming Dynasty; five Red Arm troops to create Hubei-Henan-Shaanxi and Henan-Hubei-Shaanxi revolutionary bases; thousands of popular poems composed by poets and literary men in past dynasties including Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Juyi; Jia Pingwa, a gifted Shangluo native, reputed in modern literary circle; well-known Home of Drama and Shangluo Huagu; popular drama plays including A Couple Viewing Lanterns, Butcher-born Scholar and Bright Moon.

Shangluo is the most beautiful place in Qinling Mountains for its location and traffic advantages.

Adjacent to Xi’an on the west, to Nanyang Basin on the east, to great plain of Qinchuan on the north and to Jianghan plain on the south, Shangluo is a green pearl in Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone. From Xia Dynasty to the Republic of China period, Dan River has been the main shipping channel. Six-hundred-li-long commercial path is regarded as the “guttural thoroughfare of Qin and Chu States”. Today, railways and highways running through the territory include Xi’an-Ankuang railway, Xi’an-Hefei railway, Baotou-Maoming expressway, Shanghai-Shaanxi expressway and Fuzhou-Yinchuan expressway, forming a fast and convenient channel from western provinces to East China, Central China, South China and the Yangtze Delta and connecting to Xi’an, Henan, Hubei and Shanxi. Density of expressways ranks top among ten cities in Shaanxi. Shangluo is incorporated into Xi’an One-hour Economic Circle and becomes the second living quarter of Xi’an.

Shangluo is the most beautiful place in Qinling Mountains for its fasinating mountainous views and rivers.
Forest coverage is 62.3%, no severe cold in winter, dry but not arid; no intense heat in summer, mild but not humid. It is known as natural oxygen bar, treasury of plants, paradise of animals; mountains here are either high and steep, or magnificent, or with upright precipices, or continuous; water sceneries here include gentle brook, plunging waterfall, blue ponds, swaying boat, slowly rising clouds; tourist resources here comprise 1 state-level nature reserve, 4 province-level nature reserves, 4 state-level forest parks, 5 province-level forest parks, 1 national AAAA level tourist zone, 2 AAA level tourist zones, 1 national geopark, 3 national water parks and 2 provincial scenic spots, with varieties of mountainous, human and biological landscapes. Jinsi Gorge, known as the Unique Gorge under the Heaven, outshines all other gorges just like Huangshan Mountain outshines all other mountains. Muwang National Forest Park, known as Heavenly Unfolded Picture Scroll with Numerous Azaleas, is a resort for leisure. There are also a great number of unusual fashion resorts, such as Niubeiliang National Forest Park, Tianzhushan National Forest Park, Dan River drifting, Zhashui Karst Caves, Phoenix Ancient Town and rapid growth of farmhouse tourism, for urban residents to experience rural life.

Shangluo is the most beautiful place in Qinling Mountains for its amazing mineral resources.
“To reach Shangluo, a prosperous place similar to Sichuan through Shangyu Road of six hundred li.” Shangluo has earned the titles “Gene Pool of Northern and Southern Living Beings” and “Natural Drug Storehouse” for 1324 plant resources, 1119 Chinese medicinal crops, more than 1000 wild animals, with 24 rare animals under national protection including takin, musk deer, giant salamander, leopard and golden pheasant, as well as 60 proven and exploitable minerals with potential value RMB340 billion yuan. This is also the home of walnut, Chinese chestnut and tea, well known throughout China. When drawing up the Sixty Working Methods (draft) in 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong instructed, “In Shangluo Prefecture of Shaanxi, each household is required to grow a litre of walnut. This practice is worthy of study in other regions.” Since then, Shangluo shifts attention to leading agricultural industries including walnut, Chinese chestnut, Chinese medicinal crops, tea and persimmon in addition to ecological protection. As a result, local specialties and agricultural products have been selling well all over the country.

Shangluo is the most beautiful place in Qinling Mountains for its enviable livability and availability for business.
With warm temperate zone semi-humid monsoon climate and spanning the Yellow River and Yangtze basins, Shangluo suffers no intense heat in summer or severe cold in winter; instead, it has four distinct seasons in a year. Rainy and hot periods occur in one season, with average annual precipitation of 710-930mm, sunlight time of 1860-2130 hours and about 360 days with air quality up to or above Level II; the quality of outbound water from Dan River is rated Category III; water quality of potable water sources reaches 100%, and occupant comfort index is up to Level O. Man lives in harmony with nature. Today’s Shangluo has become a new landmark for urban residents to live or start businesses, commonly reputed as human paradise. With improvement of traffic infrastructures and tourism reception capability, a great number of high-grade hotels have emerged herein. All of the central city and county town in Shangluo are surrounded by mountains, rivers, gardens and woods, integrated as a painted picture.

Shangluo is the most beautiful place in Qinling Mountains for its unforgettable folk customs.
Folk customs in Shangluo is characterized by masculine features of Qin people, softness and grace of Chuese, unconstrained and frank character of norther, wisdom and elegance of southerners. Local dialects include Xiahu dialect, Jianghuai dialect, Hakka dialect and Shaanxi dialect; folk songs are living fossils of history. Surrounded by mountains, people are honest and modest, industrious and brave, contented with existing life style of farming and reading, enthusiastic and hospitable, tolerant and generous. With mysterious and peculiar folk customs, Shangluo becomes a pure land for spiritual rehabilitation. Nowadays, here booms the farmhouse tourism, where farmers provide guests with pollution-free green vegetables, wild animal meat, fish and prawns raised by themselves, as well as pastoral life and fashion leisure ……

Shangluo is the most beautiful place in Qinling Mountains for its anticipating development prospect.
Today, industrious and sagacious people of Shangluo take advantage of opportunities, such as reform and opening to the outside world, western development and Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone, to build Shangluo into a green, modern, open, harmonious, civilized, livable and happy city. Shangluo has witnessed rapid development of economy and society, with satisfaction of public security ranking first in Shaanxi for five successive years and participation of farmers in new rural cooperative medical care system ranking first in Shaanxi for eight successive years. Seven industrial bases include base for modern material circular industry, base for Qinling ecotourism best destination and Xi’an second living quarter and source of medicinal crops, base for green food production, base for new energy demonstration, base for circular economy development and demonstration, and base for tailings comprehensive utilization demonstration. Enterprises that have settled down in Shangluo include national top 500 enterprises such as BYD, Yanchang and Northwest Nonferrous Metals, which have brought about energy and potential for further development of Shangluo.

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