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As the home of walnuts, Shangluo’s annual yield of walnuts ranks first in China. Currently, the cultivated area of walnut is 1.4 million mu, with an annual yield of 20000 ton, ranking first nationwide when reckoned by region, so it has become a production base of walnut in China. Walnut kernel of Shangluo is popular on European and American market for its fragrant flavor, yellowish white and high nutritional value. Export of walnut kernel accounts for one third of national total. Walnut contains rich protein, vitamin and minerals that are beneficial to health. Walnut is largely produced in Qinling Mountains, with highest production in Shangzhou District, Luonan, Danfeng, Shanyang and Zhashui, accounting for above one-third of total value of forest products in this region, and taking the second place among diversified economy income. Export value of walnut takes up more than 65% of total foreign trade value of the region and is responsible for more than 60% of provincial walnut export and about 20% of national walnut export. Walnut is an important source of income for people in Shangluo mountain area.


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