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Jinsi Grand Canyon National Forest Park


Jinsi Grand Canyon National Forest Park:
a national 4A scenic zone; located at the heart of Xinkailing in southwest of Shangnan County, Shaanxi Province; 60km away from Shangnan County and 18km from Taijihe town; beautiful scenic spots are typically narrow, long, elegant, risky and secluded, which integrates peaks, stones, caves, trees, birds, beasts, springs, pond and waterfalls. Climate belongs to northern sub-tropic zone, with about 240-285 days of daily mean air temperature higher than 10°C;it falls into moist area with adequate precipitation, annual rainfall exceeding 800mm. The general climatic characteristics are: abundant rainfall and sunlight, without sever cold in winter, fresh air and mild climate, so called “three seasons felt in one day and fragrance of orchid smelled ten miles away”. For this reason, this tourist resort for leisure and holidays is honored as “Wonder of Gorges and Kingdom of Ecology”.
For rarity and uniqueness of resources, Jinsi Grand Canyon National Forest Park has successively won more than 10 laurels such as provincial geopark, the most beautiful place in Shaanxi, civilized forest park of Shaanxi, lightspot unit of ecotourism of Shaanxi, safe scenic zone of Shaanxi, national 3A tourist area, national 4A tourist area and provincial geopark. Travel experts regard it as “Wonder of Gorges and Kingdom of Ecology”, “Capital of Gorges”, “Unique Gorge of China”, “Unique Gorge under the Sky” and “the Most Beautiful Gorge of China”. It became a provincial forest park on July 1, 2002, listed among national forest parks in December 2002, and selected as a national geopark in August 2009. 
The scenic zone consists of Bailong gorge, Qinglong gorge, Heilong gorge and Shiyan Village. western end of the Grand Canyon. You’ll find it grotesque and mysterious when head westward along Shiyan Village, a journey of about 10km. As the gorge is narrow and long, water in stone trough flows turbulently, whirls in stone pond, shines as reflected under sunlight and looks like string of beads lined by golden wire. Landscape of Jinsi Grand Canyon features extreme steepness and beauty, represented by deep and narrow valley, sheer steep cliffs and peaks, fantastic waterfalls, interflowing rivulets and ponds, primitive deepness and sereneness.
Shiyan Village extending from north to south is surrounded on the east, west and south by steep cliffs, with only one narrow path on northern slope. The village consists of five terraces. The first terrace comprises high cliffs with two sides facing deep valley, so it is an ascending path. The second terrace, commonly called Nantian Gate, is a holly land for Taoists, consecrated to master Zhenwu; at every festival or Taoists meeting, people are climbing the mountain in flocks, some pray for peace, some watch natural beauty and still some others just enjoy mountain-climbing pleasure. The fifth terrace is the Peak of Yuhuang (heavenly emperor). Looking far into distance on the top, you’ll see vast land of Chu State and graceful flow of Yu River. Within the landscape extending several tens of miles in the gorge zone, there are hundreds of wild flowers giving off fragrance.
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