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Zhashui Phoenix Ancient Town:

Zhashui Phoenix Ancient Town:
located by Shechuan River at 45km to southern section of Zhashui that sits into depth of Qinling Mountains; an ancient town that had witnessed dynasties such as Song, Liao, Jin, Yuan and Ming. According to local historical data, marketplace emerged in Phoenix Town in Tang Dynasty; merchants from Henan, Hubei and Sichuan came to Phoenix Town either for business or for settlement when they felt satisfied with convenient water transport at early years of Qing Shunzhi reign. At the end of Qing reign and in early Republic of China, various trading port, shops and native banks were found everywhere in streets and alleys, promoting a prosperous marketplace. Gradually, the town has become an important market town of commerce and trade on the south of Qinling Mountains, connecting the Yangtze River system with the Yellow River system. For this, it is reputed as a Small Shanghai of Zhashui.


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