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Zhashui Karst Caves

Zhashui Karst Caves:
backbone of Zhashui tourism; located in Shiweng town of Zhashui County, 79km away from Xi’an; covers a total area of 24km2; consists of 118 karst caves, small or large. It is national AAA level scenic zone and province-level geopark. Three caves currently open to tourists include Tianfo Cave, Baishen Cave and Wind Cave. Tianfo Cave is a scenic spot that is developed earliest, largest on scale, most intact under protection, most complete lighting facilities and most gorgeous sight. Inside the cave, there are numerous beautiful things, including stalactites of various shapes and forms, stalagmites, stone curtains, stone sheets, stone waterfalls, stone birds, stone beasts, stone Buddhist, stone monkeys, stone flowers, stone fruits, stone mushroom and stone grapes. It is regarded as Wonder of Northern China and Unique View in Northwestern China for its karst landform and karst cave scene.


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