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Xian’e Lake in Shangzhou

Xian’e Lake in Shangzhou:

Xian’e Lake in Shangzhou: originally called Xian’e Rivulet and located at 5 li (0.5km) to the west of Shangzhou City. Xian’e Rivulet is a stream of Dan River that assembles under steep cliffs and makes boating possible. After Erlongshan reservoir was built herein in 1973 and water in the rivulet pooled as a lake, the reservoir was called Xian’e Lake. Reservoir dam is 63.7m high, drainage area is 96km2, and water level in the lake area covers more than 6000 mu. Around Xian’e Lake are magnificent sceneries, including steep cliffs, evergreen pines and cypresses, rugged mountain paths. Erlongshan, Xian’e Cliff, Queen Mother’s Dressing Table, Baiyun Cave and ancient courier stations are distributed around the lake. Poets and literary men in ancient times lingered therein and recited verses and left behind many popular poems; also, there are numerous touching stories about merchant stations. The island at the center of the lake is particularly attractive. It covers a total area of 18 mu and is about 18m above water surface. Buildings on the island include platform, landscape forest belt, dinosaur hall where dinosaur footstep fossils, eggs fossils and sculptures are on display, and hall that exhibits poetic works written by poets of Tang and Song dynasties as well as artistic and literary works by modern writers and painters in Shangluo. This island is usually known as “Four Dragons Playing Beads”. Peach blossom in March appeals to tourists; visitors who go sightseeing by boat are sure to appreciate the beauty of nature.


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