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Tianzhushan National Forest Park

Tianzhushan, also called Tianzhu Mountain, is located to south of Guling and north of Yunling in southeast of Shanyang County, 30km in distance to county. Tianzhushan National Forest Park is under jurisdiction of state-run forest field, 40km long from east to west and 25km wide from north to south, and covers an area of 1058 hectare, with 88% forest coverage. The lowest altitude of Tianzhu Peak is 1255m, highest 2074.4m. There are seven peaks towering face to face; main peaks include Dadingshan – north peak, Tiezhongping – east peak, Hongchiliang – south peak, and Songshudang – west peak. Throughout a year, there spread cloud forests, ancient pines and fancy stones between gaps of peaks, which coordinate with ancient architectural complex. Visitors feel that they are traveling fairyland when they come here.
The most spectacular view is Tianzhu Cloud Sea. Tianzhushan has rich natural resources and beautiful landscapes. Parks look bright and colorful and vary with seasons. In mid-spring, mountain flowers bloom in colors; at midsummer, greenery spreads all over slopes and makes visitors feel nice and cool; in golden autumn, red leaves look like flaming fire and wild fruits smell fragrant; in severe winter, everything is covered with white snow and pines. In the park, there more than 200 forest plants and more than 40 wild animals; rare wild animals include Jinqian leopard, musk deer, masked civet, fox, leopard cat, golden pheasant and azalea. There are more than 60 human landscapes, including 6 historic sites and 58 scenic spots.
Since Han Dynasty, Tianzhushan has been the center for Taoist activities. There are more than 10 ancient temples in all past dynasties. Recently, Buddhist monks and nuns have ascended the mountain to burn incenses. It attracts tourists more than 100000 person/times per year. Ancient architectural complex at Tianzhushan will be of great value for us to study the Taoism history and sculpture art of Han and Tang dynasties.


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