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Niubeiliang National Forest Park

Niubeiliang National Forest Park:
located at Yingpan town in Zhashui County on southern slope of Qinling Mountains; 1000-2802m above sea level; total area of 2123ha.; forest coverage up to 91.3%; 42km away from Xi’an. In the park, there are rich resources and biodiversities. There are 134 wild animals such as takin, leopard, golden eagle and black stork, and more than 1400 rare plants including abies chensiensis, kiwi fruit and azalea. Exquisite landscape is characterized by queerness, steepness, freshness and sereneness. It is honored as a “natural oxygen bar” for steep mountains, clean water, silent valley, dense trees and precipices. In December 2004, it was ratified as a provincial forest park; in January 2008, it was upgraded to Shaanxi Niubeiliang National Forest Park. Peculiarity of geographic position and climatic condition forms a boundary of natural scenery between north and south. While you’re walking in the park, you’ll see a wonderful scene for every step forward. Major scenic spots are: thunder-split stone, Heiyagou waterfall, red birch forest, mountain-watching ridge, marshy grassland, remnants of glaciation, bitter bamboo see, and mountain azalea.


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