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Muwang National Forest Park

Muwang National Forest Park:
located within Muwang state-run forest field in western section of Zhen’an County; 78km away from Zhen’an, 156km from Xi’an. It covers a total area of 3616ha. In December 2003, the park was approved by State Forestry Bureau as a national forest park. The park has flourishing forest plants and verdant virgin forest, including more than 30 nationally protected trees such as taxus chinensis and Abies chensiensis, and more than 10 nationally protected animals such as rare birds and beasts in mountainous wetlands including takin and giant salamander. It is also a potential habitat for giant panda. The park occupies essential tourist resources in Qinling, represented by sea of forests, azalea, peculiar peaks and fantastic rocks, and integrates forest, flower, mountain, stone, water and caves as well as grandness, queerness, elegance, danger, wildness, sereneness and leisure; 108 scenic spots split into 3 rivers, 9 brooks, 18 waterfalls, 36 ponds and 72 peaks are open to tourist throughout a year, so the park is reputed as a “all-inclusive forest and heavenly unfolded picture scroll”.


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