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Luonan Wen Temple

Luonan Wen Temple:
According to annals of state and county, Wen Temple was first built in the third year of Ming Hongwu reign (1370 A.D.), 14 years earlier than construction of Bell Tower in Xi’an, now covers a land area of 3115m2 and forms part of intact longitudinal-axis ancient architectural complex under protection. All buildings in the temple are an integral whole. Within palace walls, there are rear courtyard, middle courtyard and front courtyard; the rear courtyard is Dacheng Hall with a platform at the front and 7 wing-rooms on the east and west sides; right at the center of the middle courtyard, there is Panchi spanned by a two-hole stone bridge with rails on both sides; in the front courtyard, there stands a wooden Pailou (decorated archway) called “Lingxing Gate”; at the outermost along street, there rises a Zhaobi (screen facing the gate), 9.2m long, 0.82m thick and 7.3m high, internal walls inlaid with “variation between fish and dragon” and external walls inlaid with “two dragons playing beads”.


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