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Huashilang site in Luonan

located on Huashilang Mountain behind Donghe Village in Chengguan Town, Luonan, Shaanxi. It consists of two Paleolithic caves about 30m apart and has a history of about 500,000 years. Teeth fossils of early humans are found herein, so the site is named as Teeth Fossil of Luonan natives. In 1970s, Luonan ape man remains were discovered by Prof. Xue Xiangxi, current director of Pleistocene Geology and Environment Research Institute of Northwestern University. In 1995, during his revisit to Luonan for further investigation, Prof Xue confirmed remains of Luonan ape man in Huashilang; subsequently, along with Cultural Relic Management Committee at county level and Shaanxi Paleontology Society, he revealed the remains to the public. In 1997, this discovery and archaeological outcome were listed among National Top Ten Archaeological Findings. In July 2001, the list of the fifth nationally protected cultural relics was officially announced by the State Council. Luonan Huashilang site is numbered 111 under category of ancient ruins on the list and becomes the only unit of Shangluo and even Shaanxi listed under national protection.


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