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Dayun Temple

located within Shangluo City, originally composed of upper and lower temples, with the upper one in Jinfeng Mountain to the north of the city and then ruined and the latter in present actual position. Dayun Temple was first built in Tang dynasty, in 690 A.D, Empress Wu Zetian became the first empress of Chinese feudal society after she changed Tang to Zhou by virtue of words “Born as an empress under Maitreya and dominates the whole country” in Dayun Sutra; afterwards, she ordered all states in two capitals to repair Dayun Temple, chant Dayun Sutra and proclaimed “monarchy empowered by God”. As soon as the imperial decree was issued, all states were active in renovation of Dayun Temple. In 705 A.D., after Tang Chung-tsung Li Xian was enthroned and recovered his reign to Tang, he ordered to destroy Dayun Temple; as a result, Dayun temples in all states were utterly destroyed. Shangzhou Dayun Temple, however, survived destruction because local officials had renamed it as “Xiyan Courtyard”. It was changed back to original name during renovation in years of Yuan Zhizheng reign (1341-1368). The existing Dayun Temple covers an area of 8000m2 and consists of 4 temple halls of basically original appearance. Now it is one of key units under provincial cultural relic protection.

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