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Boatmen Hall in Danfeng

Boatmen Hall in Danfeng:
built in the twentieth year of Qing Jiaqing reign (1815 A.D.), also called Mingwang Palace or Pinglang Palace. Thanks to its magnificence, it was also called Huamiao or Engraved Drama Stage.
Musical pavilion in the hall is characterized by majestic architecture and exquisite construction, usually reputed to integrate southern elegance and northern grandness. The Hall has a front door facing a river and is constructed of blue bricks of Pailou style with six piles and five floors. Musical pavilion tightly close to gate tower is 27m high and 27m wide, with heavy eaves upswept; in particular, cutting technique of sculpture is extremely fine. On front top of the musical pavilion, there hangs a plaque of Qin Mirror, meaning to take history as a mirror in pressing the evil and supporting the good. Northern side of the musical pavilion is right facing the Hall and filled with colored decorations; inside the hall, there stands the statue of Pingshui Mingwang. In 1934, the 25th corps of Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army marched past the hall during their long march, carried out military training and consolidation in the hall, and set up Longjuzhai Soviet base; ever since, a red aureole is added to this cultural remains.


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