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In Shangluo, mountains are linked to Qinba and rivers drain into the Yangtze and Yellow River. Beautiful natural scenery and abundant human landscapes have attracted many celebrities in all ages. In Tang Dynasty alone, more than 50 famous poets had travelled Shangluo and left behind a lot of poems and prose. Potential advantage of tourism development lies in cultural relics and historic sites as well as natural and human landscapes, including more than 1200 ancient ruins and historic buildings under protection; of them, more than 20 are officially protected sites above provincial level. Paleolithic site in Luonan is rated as one of top ten national archaeological findings in 1997. Xia, Shang and Zhou sites at Donglongshan are listed as a special subject of “cultural periodization and age determination” by national Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project. Mo Yan caved stones of Cang Jie Award Book Place at Yuanhushan in Luohe indicated that this is the birthplace of Chinese characters. There are also some other historic sites, such as Languan site, Wuguan site, Shangyang Fiefdom site, Chuangwang Village site and Shenglong Village site. Tourists usually pay memorial visits to Sihao Tomb of Han Dynasty, Wen Temple of Sui Dynasty, Fengyang Tower of Tang Dynasty, Shangzhou City Wall of Song Dynasty, Erlang Temple of Jin Dynasty, Shangzhou City God Temple and Longshan Twin Towers of Ming Dynasty, and guild hall cluster of Qing Dynasty. Scenic spots built and open to public include Jinsi Gorge in Shangnan, Laojunshan and Yuxudong in Luonan, Tianzhushan, Yueliangdong and Bailongdong in Shanyang, Tayun Mountain in Zhen’an, Niubeiliang and karst caves in Zhashui and Dan River drift in Danfeng; scenic spots being developed include Xian’e Lake in Shangzhou. Zhashui karst caves are reputed as Wonder of Northern China. Jia Dao and Wang Yu, Yu Hui had once inhabited or travelled mountains and rivers in Shangluo and left behind fine pieces of writing. At the end of 2010, 1 state-level 4A scenic zone and 2 3A scenic zones were established in the city.

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