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Investment in Shangluo

Introduction of Parks :
Shangzhou-Danfeng Circular Industrial Economic Park: located between Shangzhou District and Danfeng County with planning area: west boundary starts from Liuwan office of Shangzhou District at Nanqin River, Renyuan Village, east boundary from slope on east side of Shangzhen Laojun and east slope along Danjing Road in Danfeng County, south boundary from Shanghai-Xi’an Expressway, and north boundary from north slope of national road 312 and both sides of Danjing Road till Luonan County. The zone extends 75km from east to west and 1.3km from north to south and covers a control area of 98km2. At Phase I, construction area is 16 km2.

Shangzhou-Danfeng Circular Industrial Economic Zone consists of one zone and three parks, collectively called “one zone”, i.e. Shangzhou-Danfeng circular industrial economic zone; “three parks” refer to Liuwan Eco-industrial Park, Shahezi Modern Material Industrial Park and Liuxianping Chemical & Building Materials Industrial Park, planned under management mode of “one zone”.

Liuwan Eco-industrial Park extends from Nanqin River in the west to ancient trench of Zaoyuan Village in the east, from southern dyke of Dan River in the north to Shanghai-Xi’an Expressway in the south, with a control area of 2km2. From east to west, zones planned are: integrated service zone, technology R&D zone, medium- and small-sized enterprises zone, with main functions of supporting service, technological innovation and incubation of corporate projects.

Shahezi Modern Materials Industrial Park extents from Shahe River of Longshan Village in the west to Hougou of Baiyangdian Village, from northern slope of national road 312 in the north to northern dyke of Dan River and Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway in the south, with a control area of 12.5km2, designed for circular industries including slat chemical, fluorine material, zinc alloy material, silicon material and coal power.

Liuxianping Chemical & Building Materials Industrial Park extends from western slope of Danjing Road in the west to eastern slope of Danjing Road in the east, from Luonan County in the north to southern slope of Dujia Courtyard, with a control area of 1.5 km2, intended for cement, building materials, calcium carbide and relevant project based on limestone resources.

In order to promote regional circular economy development by organizing enterprises in the zone for exchange use of wastes cascade use of energy, intensive use of land, categorized and recycling use of water resources, depending on Shaanxi Yanchang Group, Shaanxi Investment Group, Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group and BYD Company Limited, under the premise of overall ecological environment protection and economic development, represented by BYD and supported by Shangluo Thermal Power Plant, 27 projects of 5 mutually supported industrial chains are laid out in the first phase: 1. 4 projects of photovoltaic circular industrial chain; 2. 8 projects of salt chemical and cement circular industrial chain; 3. 7 projects of fluorine material circular industrial chain; 4. 6 projects of zinc and zinc alloy materials circular industrial chain; and 5. 2 projects of coal power circular industrial chain. These 27 projects require investment of RMB24.1 billion yuan. Upon completion, they will achieve annual sales revenue of RMB50 billion yuan, profit of RMB10 billion yuan and tax of RMB6 billion yuan.

In later phases, 17 projects of 5 industrial chains are planned for key construction: 1) 5 project of vanadium material and new energy circular industrial chain; 2) 3 projects of molybdenum and molybdo-metal products circular industrial chain; 3) 2 projects of titanium material circular industrial chain; 4) 2 projects of magnesium material and auto parts circular industrial chain; and 5) 5 projects of steel material circular industrial chain. Total investment of key construction projects will reach up to RMB57.087 billion yuan. After these projects come into production and generate benefit, they will realize annual sales revenue of RMB127.272 billion yuan, profit of RMB20.734 billion yuan and tax of RMB14.331 billion yuan. Over years of effort, Shangzhou-Danfeng Circular Industrial Economy Zone will be built into one of most vigorous economic plates in Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone, well known in China and first class in Shaanxi, and an economic core area to drive industrial development of Shangluo and promote construction of regional hub city of integrated Shangzhou – Danfeng.

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