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Policies and Regulations

Policy of Shangluo to Support Attracting Investment in Key Projects

    In order to further opening to the outside world and promote breakthrough development of Shangluo, in accordance with the Methods of Shangluo for Management of Key Projects Construction, the following support policy shall be implemented for attracting investment in key projects:

    1. Any foreign enterprises with total investment above RMB30 million yuan or US$5 million conforming to key industry investment of Shangluo shall be entitled to the same supportive policy as for municipal key project construction.

     2. Any projects listed in municipal key project plan shall be preferentially entitled to municipal credit guaranty financing policy for medium- and small-sized enterprises.

     3. Priority shall be given to key projects for land acquisition. For industrial projects, land shall be offered at bottom price, i.e. land per mu no more than cost price.

     4. Any projects listed as landmark shall be entitled to exemption of charges for auxiliary urban infrastructures.

     5. Any projects concerning infrastructures including road, supply of power, water and natural gas shall gain governmental support in aspects of construction planning and funds.

     6. Any projects pertaining to municipal financial sources and urban livelihood as well as any strategic projects concerning economic growth shall be subject to municipal leadership dedicated to specific project, for which, special service agency will be set up by municipal, county or district government to provide follow-up services of handling formalities and problems during project construction.

     7. For any investment in mineral resources exploitation and other large-scale, innovative, energy-saving and environment-friendly projects, the government shall encourage and support investors to take approach of merger and acquisition during integration of mineral resources, and shall, as required, reduce or exempt regulation fund for mineral resource development. The regulation funds collected for mineral resource development shall be mostly used to support exploration of major mineral resources, technical renovation, technological innovation, hi-tech product development and environment management.

     8. Foreign businessmen are encouraged to invest in the tertiary industries, represented by hotels and tourism. For investment in key industrial development that may drive real estate growth, the government will offer key support in aspects of site selection, land use and financing.

     9. Any projects listed in municipal key project plan will be given priority to gain support of fund input, subsidized loan and allowance from special fund of Shaanxi Province for breakthrough development of southern Shaanxi, and gain support from guaranty fund for medium- and small-sized enterprises, fund for agricultural industrial projects and fund for integrated agricultural development projects.

     10. For any projects listed in municipal key project plan, all administrative fees shall be charged at floor limit of standard rates.

     11. Administrative procedures for examination and approval shall be simplified to achieve Green Channel in dealing with formalities. Administrative licensing sector shall finish verification within 10 workdays upon receiving application materials of investing enterprises, shall notify enterprises who have submitted insufficient or undesirable materials within 2 workdays upon receipt, shall finish preliminary examination and submit to higher authority for projects that should be reported to higher authority for approval within 3 workdays upon receipt, and shall send a clear reply or actively handle reasonable requests proposed by investing enterprises within 1 workday.

     12. Except charges expressly announced by the national, province or municipal government, no entity shall be allowed to set up charge items without authorization. A complaint center for foreign investors shall be established in city and county to investigate and deal with arbitary charges, unjustified levies, arbitary fines and unwarranted inspection by municipal council office for rectifying along with relevant administrative law enforcement authorities in order to ensure legal rights and interests of foreign investing enterprises.

      13. This preferential policy shall be effective as of date promulgated. For any items not involved in this policy, national or provincial preferential policy shall be observed.

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