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Shangluo is usually reputed as the Home of Drama. Local excellent drama programs, including “A Couple Viewing Lanterns” in 1950s, “A Copper Coin” in 1960s, “A Butcher-born Scholar” in 1970s, “A Six-Jin County Magistrate” and “Phoenix Flying into Bachelors’ Hall” in 1980s and “Soul of Mountain” in 1990s, have won prizes at national and provincial levels. At the Eighth China Drama Festival, Shangluo Huagu opera “Moon Bright” was awarded the top prize – special award for excellent operas of Caoyu Drama Prize. Shangluo Huagu is already selected into the first group of state-level list of intangible cultural heritage; Zhen’an Yugu, Zhen’an Huagu, Zhashui Yugu, Luonan Jingbanshu and Shangluo folk songs are selected into the list of master works of intangible cultural heritage of Shaanxi Province. A number of modern famous writers were born in Shangluo, represented by Jia Pingwa and Jing Fu.


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