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Introduction of Mayor

Mayor – Chen Jun, responsible for all activities of municipal government

  Executive vice-mayor – Zhang Rongzhu, responsible for routine business of municipal government, development and reform, politics and laws, supervision, human resources and social security, statistics, legal affairs, foreign affairs, affairs concerning nationals living abroad, petition letters, affairs pertaining to taxation, administrative assets reform, decision-making consultation.
  Vice mayor – Wang Jianling, responsible for agriculture, forestry, water utilities, poverty relief, meteorology, hydrology, civil administration, association for the handicapped, charity, supply and marketing and tobacco.
  Vice mayor – Gao Jian, responsible for industry and information, safety production, transportation, electric power, information industry.
  Vice mayor – Xu Mingfei, responsible for land and resources, housing, urban and rural construction, urban and rural planning, urban management, environmental protection and civil air defense.
  Vice mayor – Li Yunfei, responsible for science and technology, finance and insurance.
  Vice mayor –Liu Rongxian, responsible for education, culture, historic relics, press and publication, broadcasting and television, tourism, physical education, women and children.
  Vice mayor – Wang Yong, responsible for business affairs, investment attraction, hygiene, population and family planning, market supervision and park construction.
· Introduction of Mayor