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Shangluo has rich waterpower resources, with theoretical reserve of 798900Kw, accounting for 6.72% of provincial total volume; 40.79Kw per kilometer, 376 watt per capita, higher than provincial average; theoretical reserve of five trunk streams is 360600Kw, accounting for 45.1% of regional total volume; hydropower exploitation amount is 301700Kw, taking up 37.7% of theoretic volume, including 191700Kw of small hydro; exploitation amount per capita is 142 watt. Distribution of developable waterpower resources in each county (district): 10000~30000Kw in Shangzhou, Luonan and Zhashui, 30000~50000Kw in Danfeng, and 50000~100000Kw in Zhen’an, Shanyang and Shangnan.


· Mineral resources 
· Plant resources 
· Animal resources 
· Waterpower resources 
· Economic development 
· Transportation 
· Sister cities