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Varieties and widely distributed animal resources consist mostly of takin, grass hare, squirrel, fox, ground squirrel, black bear, otter, serow, goral, dwarf musk deer, argali, civet, leopard cat, golden cat, masked civet, deerlet and leopard; rare animals under national protection are takin, serow, dwarf musk deer and golden cat. Takin is mostly distributed in virgin forest and Tai River around Niubeiliang in northwest of Zhashui that covers about 120000 mu and forms part of Shaanxi Niubeiliang Takin Protection Zone. Birds are categorized into 103 species in 70 genuses of 19 families under 13 orders, including 94 species of local feeding birds and 9 species of winter bird and passing migrant birds. Syrmaticus reevesii and golden pheasant are rare animals under national protection.


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· Animal resources 
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