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located in western section of Shangluo and on the south of Qinling Mountains, close to Xi’an; covers a total area of 2332km2, governs 13 towns, 120 villages, 2 neighborhood committees and a total population of 165000 people.
Zhashui has a long history and a large number of talents. As far back as early Shang Dynasty, our ancestors began farming and growing mulberry and catalpa trees in fertile Zhongnan Mountains. Historically, the county was the main road to Ankuang and the natural link to Hubei. Sun Simiao, a pharmacologist in Tang Dynasty, and Wang Jiacheng, a modern famous orthopedic surgeon tasted and dug herbal medicines and left behind Chinese medicine formulae of Panlongqi that has helped generations of descendants to recover from illnesses.
Zhashui has rich resources and earns the reputation of “natural drug storehouse” for abundant and high-quality resources of Chinese medicinal crops, of which, 200 crops are listed in pharmacopoeia; Zhashui Karst Cave is known as a “Wonder in North China” and Niubeiliang National Forest Park is a summer resort and a tourist resort. As for mineral resources, there are 37 proven minerals of higher production value; reserve of spathic iron ore is 302 million tons, ranking first in Shaanxi; reserve of silver and lead ore takes the second place nationwide, which will be future bases of Shaanxi for steel-iron industry and non-ferrous industry.
After Xi’an-Zhashui expressway is open to traffic, Zhashui is incorporated into Xi’an One-hour Economic Circle and becomes an ideal place for investment and recreation.

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