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located in northeastern section of Shangluo City and on south of Huashan Mountain; 108km in distance to Xi’an; borders Lushi and Lingbao of Henan on the east, Danfeng and Shangzhou on the south, Hua County and Lantian on the west, Huayin and Tongguan on the north; usually known as “Southeastern Door” of Shaanxi; governs 19 towns, 381 villagers (neighborhood) committees; covers an area of 2830km2 and has a population of 461000. It is the only county of Shangluo that sits on the Yellow River Basin.
Luonan County sits on the boundary of southern and northern climate and at cross-culture of north and south, stretches across the Yellow River and Yangtze watersheds, has unique geographical position with resources in north compatible with those in south, and has profound and historic human deposits. It covers a total land area of 4.238 million mu, including 496000mu of cultivated land, usually known as “small Guangzhong” of Shaanxi with rich biological resources. China’s Walnut King has grown up in Luonan; annual output exceeds 6000t, thus ranking first nationwide and honored among “Top 10 Golden Counties of Walnut”, “Pollution-free Walnut Demonstration County of China” and “China Top 10 Counties of High-quality Walnut”. The county is reputed as “natural drug storehouse” at heartland of Qinling Mountains for high-quality Chinese medicinal crops including forsythia, salvia miltiorrhiza, platycodon grandiflorum, ash bark and calamus, and is rated as a provincial demonstration county for construction of “one industry in one county”, a county with a million of live pigs and a “county of Shaanxi with characteristic brand”. Mineral resources come out top in Shaanxi. There are 38 proven and utilized minerals, including molybdenum, gold, silver, lead, iron, coal, potash feldspar, cement grey stone, clay and crystal, where reserve of potash feldspar amounts to 87 million tons, ranking first in Asia; reserve of molybdenum is 290000 ton, ranking second in the province; production of gold takes the third place nationwide; there are plenty of high-quality resources of iron ore, silica, dolomite and pot clay. As to waterpower resource, runoff totals 844.9 million cubic meters.
There are varieties of advantageous biological resources in Luonan. Rare trees including metasequoia, cedar and gingko are wide distributed; rare animals including giant salamander, dwarf musk deer and mountain sheep have perched herein. Nature reserve is established at Lingkou for giant salamander.
Natural scenery of Luonan adjoining mountains and rivers on north of Huashan Mountain forms part of Huashan tourism circle and becomes key area of tourism development in southern area of Huashan. In the territory, there are delicate mountain peaks, jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, evergreen pines and other trees in all seasons. The 0.73m-thick ancient cypress at Qixiaguan is 2.1m higher than No. 1 cypress at mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor and thus earns the honor title “Number One Cypress in Asia”. Luonan has a humid monsoon climate in warm temperate zone with its elevation ranging between 800m and 1200m and average annual temperature 11.5℃, picturesque scenery, no severe cold in winter or intense heat in summer, verdant vegetation, moist rivers and plains, nice and cool here and there, air quality measured up to national first-grade standard, water quality up to Class III, forest coverage above 61.3%, advantageous ecologic environment, suitable for human habitat as it is a “cool bed” given by God and a summer resort.
It was in Luonan that historiographer of the Yellow Emperor Cang Jie- first ancestor of humanities created Chinese characters and put an end to human history of chronicling important events by knotting rope. The historic site of Huashilang under latest national research is about 1 million years ago and is now recognized as a national key unit of cultural relics protection.
Luonan is the birthplace of Chinese characters and civilizations.

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