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located in eastern section of southern Qinling and southwest of Shangluo; borders Shanyang County and Yunxi County (Hubei) on the east, Ningshan County on the west, Hanbin District and Xunyang County of Ankang on the south, and Zhashui on the north; 98km in distance to Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province.
The county has the highest altitude of 26101.6m and lowest altitude 351.6m; belongs to sub-tropical zone humid and semi-humid climate; is 97.5km long from east to west, 64.2km wide from north to south and covers a total area of 3487km2; governs 25 towns, 4 communities and 204 villages, 1060 villagers groups and 283000 people; abounds in biological, hydraulic power, mineral and tourism resources; has a forest stock of 4.52 million cubic meters, 66.6% forest coverage and more than 300 species of wild animals, of which, 27 species are under national and provincial protection, including antelope, leopard, golden pheasant and giant salamander; produces enormous quantity of high-quality agricultural commodities, such as big Chinese chestnut, walnut and Xiangyuan tea, as well as more than 480 wild Chinese medicinal crops, such as gastrodia elata, Erhua, Schisandra chinensis and angelica. Reserve of hydraulic resources is 326000Kw due to densely distributed rivers inside the territory, with 220000Kw exploitable for utilization and 21000Kw total installed capacity, making the county one of the first group of national electrification counties that has reached standard and one of the second group of national pilot electrification counties. There are 14 proven metal minerals of exploitation value, including gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, zinc and manganese, and 19 non-metal minerals including limestone and marble, of which, reserve of gold is 140t, that of lead and zinc 400000t, and C+D class reserve of limestone is 450 million ton.
Zhen’an County has beautiful sceneries. In the Muwang National Forest Park prepared for construction, there are flourishing plants, diverse landform and original ecology. The park integrates landscapes of forest, mountains, rock and water, characterized by magnificence, grotesque, tranquility and wildness. One-thousand-year fir forest zone is the best in Qinling Mountains; one-thousand-mountain azalea ranks first in northwest; one-thousand-stone waterfall is unique in China, and one-thousand-zhang (3 1/3 meters) eagle peak is rarely seen in the world, known as “picture scroll unfolded by heaven” and a virgin land of natural ecotourism in Qinling Mountains with greatest charm and potential; tourist attraction popular inside and outside the province include Tayun Mountain Temple famed in Shaanxi, Henan, Hubei and Sichuan as well as ancient street at Yungaisi town, Liu Family Courtyard, waterfall at Yuehesanlian Pond, Qianyou River and Xun River drifting.

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