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located in southern section of Shangluo and on the south of Qinling Mountains; attached to Han River system of Yangtze River Basin; governs 23 towns, 324 villages (neighborhood committees) and 449700 people of 130400 households, with population ranking third in Shangluo; covers an area of 3535 km2, taking the first place in Shangluo and sixth in Shaanxi; average elevation is 1100m, annual average temperature 13.1°C, frost-free period 207 days, annual average precipitation 709mm, falling into monsoon semi-humid mountain climate transiting from sub-tropic to warm temperate zone.
Shanyang County has a long history that began from the 2nd year of Taishi reign of the West Jin Dynasty (266 A.D.). It was called Fengyang County and renamed Shanyang in the 12th year of Chenghua reign of Ming Dynasty (1476 A.D.). Located at the beginning of Qin and at the end of Chu, Shanyang was historically the national boundaries of Qin and Chu as well as Song and Jin, a militarily important position from ancient times. Sitting in a transitional zone of geography, climate and culture between north and south, the county is under the influence of both southern and northern cultures; as a result, local people are kind-hearted and plain, characterized by northerners’ intrepidness and southerners’ ingenuity.
Shanyang abounds in natural resources. With 55.8% forest coverage, the county becomes a national demonstration county of forestry technology. There are rich biological resources, including more than 1000 varieties of wild Chinese medicinal crops with a total area of 300000mu, of which, more than 500 crops are exploited for utilization and listed for purchase. Local specialties with huge development potential include fruit, livestock, fungi and tea. Abundant mineral resources include 49 proven minerals; reserve of vanadium reaches up to 3.1 million metal tons, the largest deposit in Asia; hydropower reserve is 195000 Kw, with 56000Kw exploitable; tourism resources encompass national Tianzhushan Forest Park, provincial Yueliangdong scenic spot and Manchuan Town, the most complete ancient architectural complex of Ming and Qing dynasties in Shaanxi. Shangluo-Manchuan section of Fuzhou-Yinchuan Express is already open to traffic.

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