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located in southeast of Shangluo City and at the junction of eight counties in Shaanxi, Henan and Hubei; covers a total area of 2314km2; has hilly landform; governs 13 towns, 167 administrative villages (communities) and total population of 238900. Shangnan County has a long history. More than 1500 years ago, organizational system was established in the first year of Jingming Emperor’s reign during the Northern Wei Dynasty (500 A.D.). Li Zicheng, Li Bai and Bai Juyi had once lived in Shangnan. This county has abundant resources. There are more than 270 minerals, including forsterite, rutile and vanadium that have larger reserves and higher exploitation value. The county abounds in such forest specialties as tea, peanut, tung tree, Chinese chestnut and walnut as well as 1192 medicinal plants such as salvia miltiorrhiza, eucommia ulmoides and gastrodia elata, 127 of which are listed to be purchased by the State. There are 8 rivers whose drainage area exceeds 100 km2; hydropower reserve is 132000Kw, with 55000Kw developable for utilization. Characteristic tourist attractions comprise Jinsi Gorge, Yuhuang Mountain, Shangcang Mill, Dan River Drift and Chuangwang Village. Based on advantageous resources, four characteristic industries have taken initial shapes, including exploitation of mineral products, green food processing, hydroelectric development and ecotourism.
Shangnan County has complete infrastructures. National road 312, Xi’an-Nanjing railway and Shanghai-Shaanxi expressway are running east-to-west through this county; Shangnan-Yunxi road, Guo-Shanyang road and Shanglu road extend from south to north, forming a road network of “three east-to-west roads and three north-to-south roads”; Telecom and TV networks spread over urban and rural areas; power grid covers the whole county; urban functions are being completed and there is good environment for county economy development.

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