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 located in southeastern section of Shangluo City and on south of eastern Qinling Mountains, northern latitude 33°21′32″-33°57′4″, eastern longitude 110°7′49″-110°49′33″, 62.1km long from east to west and 65.5km wide from north to south, total area of 2438km2, 160km in distance to Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province. It governs 16 towns, 208 villages, 1823 villager groups, and has total population of 302000, including 277100 farmers. Total area under cultivation is 230000 mu.
Danfeng County has a semi-humid monsoon mountain climate transiting from north subtropical to warm temperate zone, with daily sunshine duration being 2056h, average temperature 13.8℃, precipitation 687.4mm, frost-free period 217 days, and forest coverage up to 67.5%. Within the territory of this county, there are 38 proven minerals including iron, copper, antimony, vanadium, graphite, mica, limestone and potash feldspar that have larger reserve. The county also has earned a good reputation as the “home of dogwood” for more than 500 varieties of high-quality Chinese medicinal crops. Developable hydropower potential is 36000Kw.
Danfeng County is the fiefdom of Shang Yang - a famous reformer in the Warring States Period, the place where four ancient hermits chose to live in solitude, and the home of Jia Pingwa – a famous modern writer. There are rich tourism resources within the territory of this county, such as 9 historical remains including Shang Yang’s fiefdom and Four Hermits in Shangshan, 17 human landscapes including Er Lang Temple and Boatmen’s Guild, and 4 water landscapes including Dan River drift and Longjuzhai National Water Park.

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