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covers a total area of 2672 km2, governs 23 towns and sub-districts, 393 administrative villages, 25 neighborhood committees and 550000 people; the core area of provincial Shangzhou-Danfeng Circular Economy Industrial Park in addition to implementation area of national Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone.
Stretching across the Yangtze and Yellow River watersheds and seated on natural north-south boundary of Qinhuai, Shangzhou is a nationally designated eco-demonstration region and a national water source conservation area of south-north water diversion, and is usually known as an “oxygen bar”, with average elevation being 880m, average temperature 12.8℃, annual mean precipitation 740mm and forest coverage up to 63.3%.
Shangzhou features beautiful scenery as well as natural and human landscapes including dinosaur remains, historical sites of Chinese redbud, Xian’e Lake, Qinwang Mountain, Chuangwang Village and Dayun Temple. The city is surrounded by mountains and the Dan River. At present, Shangzhou has been incorporated into three tourism circles of southeastern Shaanxi.
Shangzhou abounds in resources. Currently there are 21 proven minerals. Native produces of walnut, Chinese chestnut, edible mushroom and persimmon have earned good reputation both inside and outside Shaanxi Province. Known as a “natural drug storehouse”, Shangzhou has become a demonstration area of China’s modernization construction, with 100000 mu cultivated area of Chinese medicinal crops.
Shangzhou has convenient transportation and complete infrastructure. Highways and railways running through the territory include Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway, Fuzhou-Yinchuan Expressway, national road 312 and Nanjing-Xi’an railway. Shangzhou has been incorporated into Xi’an One-hour Economic Circle and Yangtze River Delta One-day Economic Circle. Kick-off construction of Xi’an-Shangzhou, Yulin-Shangzhou and Shangzhou-Zhashui expressways will make Shangzhou an intensive area of expressways and Xi’an sub-center of transportation.

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